Return to the Time of Troubles

13 Nightal XXXX DR

Excerpt from the journal of Aurix Vyth Aussir

We arrived in Waterdeep today. I never found the time to write when we were on the road. With nothing of real interest happening for most of the trip there simply wasn’t anything to write about. However two days before we reached Waterdeep we were accosted by a group of Ettin. Several of the other guards were killed and one wagon was destroyed. The creatures can be fearsome opponents especially in numbers. We held our own quite well and thankfully no one in our group was killed. Neither by the wagon nor the bodies of our fellow guards as they came flying by. It seems an enraged Ettin has quite an arm on them at times. After tending the dead and moving what was salvageable from the broken wagon to the others we moved off a bit and setup camp.

Our arrival in Waterdeep was auspicious end to our travel in that there were no further problems and for that I’m grateful. After collecting our money and taking leave from the caravan, we proceeded to find the Black Lion Inn. As with Volo we left a message for Marco and hope to speak with him soon. I fear this is all I can write this evening as I am greatly tried and wish nothing more than some food and a pillow in that order.



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