Return to the Time of Troubles

17 Nightal XXXX DR

Excerpt from the journal of Aurix Vyth Aussir

I find myself writing less and less these days for I still find there is either nothing to say or too much. I will speak first of the every day so that I don’t forget that there are pleasant days too. We spent much of our time resting while we awaited Marco to contact us. After a day of rest the ladies decided that the first order of business was shopping. I was told that their first time in a real city such as Waterdeep must be christened by new clothing. I was therefor appropriated as their baggage handler for the day. I’m sure the others came only to laugh at the paladin made into a pack mule, for all they did was sit and drink as I lugged packages hither and yon. Thankfully they were not around when the ladies decided they must stop to buy under garments. For the fact they decided I must wait facing the window with the further threat of throwing a cloak over my head if they so much as thought I might see what they purchased.

I have to admit I found it slightly disconcerting the imagery their whispers and giggling put into my head. Not that I’m a prude mind you, but in that I always thought I saw Elysium as a sister, since we grew up together, however those were not sisterly images my imagination conjured up. Thankfully Mystra doesn’t require penance for such thoughts as I hear some Gods do. I wonder what kind of penance would be required if she did. Six lay-on-hands and one cure light wounds? I digress. With our day of shopping done I and the ladies turned in early while the others kept carousing.

It wasn’t till yesterday mid afternoon that Marco finally contacted us. It seems his employer had a task for us to accomplish before we should meet him. The rumor was that some dastardly necromancer was attempting to raid the dead for some nefarious purpose in the City of the Dead. We were told they did not so much fear what he was actually up to as much as that he might accidentally disrupt the wards on the tombs or anger the undead below enough that they might attempt escape. At the time I was not sure what I thought about their confidence that his actual goals are nothing to worry about. At most I thought perhaps their indifference came from actually knowing who this person is, though they made no mention of his name. We were told that he would most likely continue his efforts during the night of the next full moon or soon after.

We spent the following day preparing for our confrontation. Assuming(safely in my opinion) that said necromancer would most likely be raising undead in the grave yard, rather than say pulling rabbits out of a hat, we chose to invest in weapons that would be more effective against things such as skeletons and other bone walkers. With the weapons purchased we spent the day resting as best we could. Our ranger used his ability to work with animals and procured us a watcher who found us just as we were about to leave the inn after nightfall. We could not have asked for a better watcher as the valiant sparrow lead us directly to our quarry. You will never hear me in the future voice a doubt that such a small bird cannot be brave.

It seemed the necromancer was well into his ritual for arrayed before us where fifteen skeletons along with three seemingly special undead standing guard for the miscreant. In his attempt to reach higher ground the ranger unfortunately gave our position away. The necromancer immediately sent the skeletons to attack us. Malcolm successfully attempted to rush through their line and try for the necromancer. I closed up the ranks in an attempt to provide cover for Elysium and so that Daevianna wouldn’t end up attacked from multiple sides. As fragile as they are it still takes time to make your way thought that many skeletons. The Monk covered our rear as I slowly pressed forward to draw as many of the attackers onto myself as we whittled their number down. Cane chose to give up his position, since one of the greater undead had moved to cover the wizard, and help Malcolm attempt to get past the necromancers guardians.

Slowly but surely we were whittling down those between us and the necromancer when suddenly he picked up the bone object he had been muttering over(I had not seen it up to this time) and proceeded to stab his chest with that spider-like bone contrivance. There after one of his guardians went down and was shortly followed by the last of the menial undead. In an attempt to cut short the battle they tried to attack the necromancer directly. The fiend chose at that moment to call on the dark god he serves which at first seemed to avail him not at all. However with the last stroke that spilled his blood, causing it to then run down his chest to touch the bone spider, his prayer was answered. Though I do not believe in the way he likely wished. The bone legs chose at that moment to pierce their way through his chest and out his back. While at the same time the pincers of the spider shot through his skull almost seeming to creat horns.

It seems on reflection that this was likely the outcome from the beginning and the fool became the undead he hopped to control. However at the time our only thought was to kill him as quickly as possible. The last of his guardians fell to dust during his transformation giving us unobstructed access to attack him. Strangely the creature stayed their kneeling as we continued to smite at him. Unbeknownst to us his dark god was filling him with the negative energy he felt would be required to destroy us. Thankfully it turned out to be too little as even after he came to un-life again we were still able to vanquish him. Though I fear what such a direct intervention from such a god might mean.

We have since spoken to Marco who has said we are to meet with someone by the name of Blackstaff. Perhaps we should find out more about this person before our meeting.

(Note: End of first session)

Adventure Log



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