Return to the Time of Troubles

19 Marpenoth XXXX DR

Excerpt from the journal of Aurix Vyth Aussir

Patriarch Daothran asked to speak with a group of us orphans today. In attendance were Elysium, Daevianna, Malcolm, Cane, the Monk, and myself. The Patriarch made a request of us that we meet with a person by the name of Volo in the city of Loudwater, which is a few days to the East. He said that Volo would then see that we were hired on by a caravan heading to Waterdeep. Once in Waterdeep we are to then meet a man by the name of Marco(Doesn’t anyone outside the Vale have a last name??) who will help us further. It seems that there are great portents afoot, yet none know what they might mean. The Patriarch asks that we help track down further knowledge in the hopes that knowing what is coming will avert any potential disaster.

All were in agreement to his request. Truthfully, with the monastery as kind to us as it has been over the years how could any of us say no? My companions seem itching to leave as soon as possible, for we leave at first light tomorrow. I am a little apprehensive that the ladies are coming along. Far be it from me to suggest they cannot take care of themselves as much as we, but there are dangers that the fairer sex must face that we men do not. Nay the less I’m sure they would string me up by my gizzard if I suggested they stay behind, so in this instance silence is golden.



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