Return to the Time of Troubles

22 Marpenoth XXXX DR

Excerpt from the journal of Aurix Vyth Aussir

We arrived in Loudwater this evening, just as the gates were to close, both tired and foot sore. And yet slightly elated as well. Early this morning we were accosted by a band of rogues calling themselves the Thieves Quartet. I’m not sure if the name was supposed to be misleading or if they simply couldn’t count as there turned out to be five of them. Sadly we were only able to take their leader alive. While I find I have no compunction about killing when necessary I would much rather avoid it if at all possible. The others of his group simply would not yield. Cane killed the last well into the woods, but brought the body back. We gave over their leader to the town guards.

The elation comes from knowing that our training has truly paid off! I cannot speak to the others feeling in the matter as of yet, however I’m proud to know that I can do what has always been in my heart to do. Which is to take arms against evil where and when I find it. I hope I continue to prove up to all the tasks set before us.

We arrived at the inn and have taken rooms in groups of two. The ladies of course share a room then with Malcolm and I in one room and finally Cane and the Monk sharing the last. We asked after Volo of the innkeeper and while he admits such a person is staying it seems he isn’t here now. We have left a message and hope he contacts us soon.



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