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Beginning of the Story:
So a little background about where you guys are starting out. The 13 of you (don’t worry you are not adventuring with all of them) are all orphans that grew up at a monastery of the god Ilmater run by the Patriarch Daothran (picture someone much like Dumbledore quite and kindly). You can worship any god you choose though as they have religious texts from around the world that you could have studied from. Your contribution is helping out as you got older and not worshiping their god(unless you choose so). I leave up to you guys how much you remember of your families since your orphans. The monastery sits on a mountain about a half mile from the village of Twin Rivers Vale(not on the map).

Twin Rivers Vale
The village has a permanent population of about 300 with a transient population of an additional 100 people at any given time. The permanent population is a mix of crafters, supporting businesses, and a few farm families. Throughout your childhood you’ve been allowed to visit the village about 2 or 3 times a week(more often those weeks when running specific errands for the monastery). So not only have you grown up with the other orphans, but some of the village children as well. Of course this has included the normal mix of accepting and bulling attitudes from the children(the general attitude of the adults is very accepting because they do have a close relationship with the monastery).

The transient population is mostly made up of caravans and traders with the occasional adventuring party that has heard of the monastery and hopes they hide some valuable information on treasure and the like. While slightly out of the way still the crafters are well know, one of the tobacco farmers is said to grow some of the best in the region, and there is a vineyard that is just as famous for its wine. There are a few traders that pass through after stopping at the city to the south bringing things like gold, silver, and uncut gems from the mines found there for the traders and to pick up items for sale.

The village itself is run by the village counsel with group meetings held on the most important matters that are not of immediate nature. High Market Day is the first Monday of a given month(like our first Monday in Canton) and is usually used as an excuse of a mini celebration. Some of the businesses include two inns, a very small lumber mill(there mainly to support the crafters and building the houses and shops), the blacksmith, an apothecary, a horse trader, and the various businesses. There is stream that runs through the middle of town that actually connects the two rivers that gave the village its name. On the west side if the village green where most festivals are held especially those on the fall and spring equinoxes.

The first inn “The lily of the Valley” is a little more upscale(upscale being relative) for the traders that come to the town. It is run by Goodman Alric and his wife Sophia. The second inn is the “Dawn Trader” and is as much a bar as an inn and generally houses the guards that protect the caravans. It is ran by Sewarth the Bold an ex-adventuring fighter that settled here years ago after orcs raided and killed his family while he was away from home. The blacksmith is known as Isarn and grew up in the village as his father before him. As well as the apothecary Verna that is the epitome of an old crone if ever there was one. The horse trader Meric came here a few years ago and raises horses the equivalent of Arabian Horses called the Akhal-Tara. This breed is virtually unknown in Faerun and fetch high prices hence why he quietly raises them here. Though he does raise a few more common breeds as well.

Some of the orphan NPCs:
Daevianna – Female Human Rogue, very athletic. Looks about 23 years old with fair skin, black hair, and blue eyes. 5’ 11" tall 127 lbs. She wears some what revealing clothes and her personality is very flirtatious. Because of this she has an very undeserved reputation with some of the villagers of your generation for being promiscuous.

Mouse – Male Halfling Rogue. Looks about 13 with brown hair and brown eyes. Often follows Daevianna around and calls her Big Sis. He is a bit of a clepto and is always picking up small objects, but he always gives the stuff back if he notices it isn’t his. And some how everything he takes fits all in his pocket. If something is missing everyone knows to ask him, because on the rare occasion that he doesn’t have it he will always find it.

Aurix Vyth Aussir – Male Elven Paladin/Healer. Grey Elf with white gold hair and violet eyes. Looks about 122 years old 6’ 170 lbs. The thing that stands out most about him is he is without a doubt a lawful good character. While he wasn’t the kind of person as a child to run and tell when people caused trouble he was always willing to step up for friends as a child. Supposedly grew up with Elysium as a child.

Elysium Fairchild – Female Human Sorceress. Pale complexion with red hair and green eyes. Looks about 19 years old. 5’ 6" 115 lbs. A fine seamstress and makes most of the clothes all of the orphans wear. Quite and shy personality with outsiders, but a little more relaxed around friends. She always seeks to protect those younger than her.

Salista Dawntracker – Female Wood Elf (Ranger or Druid). Blond hair, blue eyes, and dusky skin. 5’ 8" tall 120 lbs. Always taking care of wounded animals and always ready for a fight. If Daevianna is flirtatious and Elysium is quite then no one is as boisterous yet kind as Salista. She is an obvious follower of Selune.

Ulfgar – Male Human Cleric of Lathander. Brown hair, brown eyes, 6’ 3" tall 225 lbs. Very much the genital giant attitude.

Lilia of the Blue Eyes - Female Half-elf Bard. Blond hair, blue eyes, 5’ 6" tall 120 lbs.

Dayfire Oakleaf – Barbarian wood-elf. Black hair, blue eyes, 5’ 3" tall 185 lbs.

This is a small selection of the NPCs that can help the party. Think of it like a video game in that they all have storylines you can follow that will lead to xp and treasure. You don’t have to do them however. So you can take any of the NPCs or not. I’m going to do up a few more, but not all of the other orphans. Don’t worry about XP as there is going to be more than enough. So you can safely take who you want with you to cover whatever skills you think the group wants.

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