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  • All character must be of good alignment.
  • Roll 4d6 drop the lowest and re-roll 1’s
  • Roll 7 times (6 stats plus one extra that can replace the lowest stat)
  • Allowed to roll at leat 3 sets and choose the best. (If your dice just really hate you ask)

Stats too high? Trust me you will need them.

Background questions

  1. Did you have a favorite tutor?
  2. How hard has your character pursued his studies? Were there aspects they shrugged off or ones they focused on more?
  3. (Monastery Only) While they don’t have the biggest library it does have a rather large variety and some older books. That said are there any uncommon subjects your character would have liked to study?
  4. While everyone is “good” how good were you? Sneak out at night for a tryst with a local barmaid, got drunk any time the Monastery gave you a few coppers, rob from the rich to give to the poor, etc?
  5. (Monastery Only) Pretty much every environment is covered in you region except plains. Did you spend any time in the forest, mountains(snow in winter), swimming in rivers/lakes, etc.
  6. Does your character follow a god and if so which?
  7. Goals as well. Is there anything you want your character to accomplish? Own a cabin in the woods/tower/citadel/etc? Become a noble of some country? Inn/Tavern owner? Merchant with a shipping fleet? Ruler of the Underdark so you can call it the Underlight? It is fine if you don’t have any right now I just want to know before we start playing if you do.
  8. Then just anything else you want to me to know about your character.

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Character Creation

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