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Here you will find a list of the locations the party has visited. While some pertinent information maybe listed the party is responsible for keeping track of many particulars themselves.
(Note: You may not have access to some pages. If the information of the city is too scant then a party page was not created.)

In order of appearance:

  • Twin Rivers Vale – This is the town nearest to the monastery.
  • Loudwater – First city on their journey.
  • Waterdeep – Also known as the City of Splendors and the first major city the party traveled to.
  • Gross Fell – Rose to the adventure of saving the town of Gross Fell from a dragon and found the lair of a vampire.
  • Baldur’s Gate – Stopped here. Did some shopping and Daevianna(and by extension the party) was attacked.
  • Candlekeep – Where the party found several prophecies.
  • Greenest – Where the party was accused of kidnapping people and found out it was werespiders.

Note: This is not every location where the party stopped, but those locations were something happened.

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Locations Visited

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