Skin form

School/Domain: Unknown
Level: Unknown
Components: Unknown
Casting Time: Unknown
Range: Unknown
Target: Unknown
Duration: Special

Not much is currently known about the origins of this spell and there is currently only one record of the spell ever being used. A total of thirteen people were placed under this spell, but it is unknown if they were bespelled all at once or individually. These thirteen people were exceptional for their respective races which may have had an effected on the spell in some ways.

The spell had multiple functions. The first was that it limited the abilities of the target to those of a common race(humans, elves, dwarves, etc). Secondly, the spell prevented the person from being the target of mind controlling or divination spells. Finally, the spells between the thirteen were linked so that if any one person who had been the target of the spell was brought to near death(0 hit points or less) a contingency spell was activated.

This contingency caused the original spell to seemingly burn away in a silver flame and caused a Healing spell to be activated. While the spell thus ended for most non-Native Outsiders found they could still shift back to their Skin forms. It continued to limit their abilities, but the skin caused them to be anchored to their current plane thus enabling them to be resurrected.

Skin form

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